Skid Row street resurfacing!

No, it’s not new trees, but I’ll take it—whoohoo!

I had been formulating a post about how all the rest of DTLA has been getting their streets repaved—when a couple of weeks ago I noticed that parts of 4th St. & Boyd St.  had been torn up–the necessary prelude to new asphalt being laid down. This is within  Skid Row boundaries—this is very exciting!!!

Boyd St. in "pre-paving" condition

This IS a website devoted to neighborhood beautification I realize, but it’s ALSO about ANY improvements made to Skid Row’s public spaces. Repaving ramshackle and sinkhole filled streets is definitely an improvement for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike. After discovering Boyd St. was being re-done, I began to notice several OTHER Skid Row streets have also been re-done in the last several weeks. Bravo to whoever pushed for this. First new asphalt….then new sidewalks…then more trees! I will post more street repaving to this post as I get them documented.


Boyd St. with fresh pavement


freshly paved Crocker St.



freshly paved Towne Ave.


freshly paved 4th St. near Main St.

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