Winston St. has one tree‏

Winston St. facing West on a sunny day

I don’t walk down Winston St. after dark. The reason being, it’s unlit alleys are almost always flanked and filled by a revolving cast of characters through the night. The best I can tell, they don’t have any good reason to be there after the businesses close their roll-ups for the day. I don’t even like driving down this street after 6pm.


Cut to Winston St. by 10am. The street is transformed into an international bazaar with the smell of sautéed sweet onions wafting from vender’s food carts, women pushing strollers, piñatas, straw hats and live birds in cages. You can buy a 10 pack of underwear for $5.00 (but I wouldn’t suggest it).


I call this, “Pinata Alley” (off Winston St.)

Winston St. is short and sweet and perfectly proportioned. Some of the old buildings hint at European craftsmanship from another century.


great brickwork on old building

My absolute favorite building downtown is the old decaying green firehouse on this street. The sign at the front of the building on 5th St. says that it’s looking to be saved, a common human sentiment in Skid Row.


back of old firehouse (Winston St. side)

All together, Winston St. today is a positively delirious amalgamation of third-world sensibility and old world architecture. Not an uninteresting mix, but certainly not the most appropriate place for trees at this time. There is only one tree on Winston St. now.


The trash problem was reaching epic proportions as recent as 2 weeks ago, the Toy District having decided to forgo inclusion in the CCEA BID a couple of years ago, but just toady I took a stroll down Winston and the situation seems to be improved. Safely is still a concern of mine on this street and I’d still feel a lot safer if there were safety bike officers patrolling the area—especially at night.


front of firehouse (

In my imagination, Winston St. would be lined on both sides with Jacaranda trees, which would lightly dust the streets with lavender when in bloom. And no parking would be allowed. I’m filing ”trees on Winston St.” as a long-term goal of mine.  I won’t give up hope.



Winston's lone tree behind the LA Mission


the Winston St. in my dreams is lined with Jacaranda trees-agree?

imagine Winston St. lined with trees!
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