traffic islands on Central Ave. = blank canvas

I often find myself walking down 4th St. from San Pedro St. to Urth Café in the Arts District when craving one of their lattes.

Central & 4th island

There sits this barren looking triangular shaped traffic island @ the North East corner of Central Ave. & 4thSt.. It was during the last CicLAvia event, with dozens of pedestrians and cyclists strolling and whizzing by me @ this very intersection that I was hit with the revelation that this traffic island should be beautified!

Central & Towne island

I knew that the Fashion District had a great traffic island over on Main & Spring. Why, I wondered can’t we have one over here, where Industry meets the Arts? Surely we are just as deserving.

Intrigued with the idea of a more landscaped Central Ave, I continued my hunt for more islands. Lo and behold, there were 2 more on Central!  One @ Central & Towne and another @ Central & Gladys. 


 3 traffic islands within close proximity to each other, just waiting, like blank canvases to be reborn with something on top of them other that concrete.

Gladys & Central island

I called the managing director of the Fashion District BID, and she informed me that their beautified traffic island was paid for from a special grant, but that they were in charge of the maintenance. Mike Williams of Land Images did the design and implemented the project working closely with the Dept. of Transportation.

beautified island @ Main & Spring in the Fashion District

I believe the islands on Central Ave., if beautified, would greatly improve the areas overall walkability  as more and more people take to the streets on foot in this rapidly transforming industrial neighborhood.

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