the LAPD Central Bureau Flower Beds could use some actual flowers

the view from across the street

 Yeah, I said it. What? Is it wrong to comment on the poorly maintained landscaping in the back of the Central Police station @ 5th & Wall? That is one sad looking brick plant container is all I’m saying. To see it beautified is a long term goal of mine. Last night, when I walked by I saw someone relieve himself on the grass here. That’s just wrong and it makes me mad. Not because I think it was bad for the grass necessarily, but because it was disrespectful.

raised flower bed on 5th St.

Clearly, flowers are the absolute last thing I would want ANY member of the LAPD to be even remotely taking up their time considering. They have done and are doing such a remarkable job making these streets safer, but a gal can hope for pretty flowers on her walk to the Historic Core can’t she?

Look, I don’t even know if this would be feasible, or wanted or taken seriously, but some nice drought tolerant Bougainvillea would look stunning overflowing from those brick boxes.

no signs of life

That giant walled fortress could use some pink and green plant life like is planted over @ Olvera St. (see pic). How gorgeous would this look? I will be patient with this one. Don’t shoot the messenger LAPD  : )

is that an irrigation pipe in the foreground?!?

the flower bed at Olvera St. inspires
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