lots for sale around here

Walking around Skid Row its hard not to notice how half of it seems to be for sale. Everything from gigantic warehouses with deserted shipping docks to small walk-up store fronts to parking lots.

Will the new owners be tree lovers?

What if these empty buildings stay empty for years? What are the logistical ramifications of planting trees in front of buildings that are for sale? Is this a wise thing to do? What would the implications of this be supposing the trees had committed caregivers. Who pays the taxes to the CCEA, our local business Improvement District while these buildings unwind from whatever knots they might be in with the banks or distressed owners? Would this community and its stakeholders support planting trees in front of abandoned properties?

I walk around here and see opportunity. I see a diamond in the rough. I see a bright future for the brave. I just hope the brave like trees.

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4 Responses to lots for sale around here

  1. I live near Skid Row in downtown LA too, I agree this is a “diamond in the rough”. Hopefully we can all work together to get this place on the right path.

  2. Congrats on your project, this is great! It’s hard work but EVERYONE will appreciate it once things start moving. A few thoughts…, rain barrels on the business spouts would be helpful (keep you from hauling wheel barrels of water back and forth.) Also, Baltimore City Recreation & Parks used to have a program that offered a workshop a few times a year called ‘Weed Warriors’. It helped to teach people what invasive plants needed to be removed to make room for native plants to thrive. At completion of the program, they received a certification card making them a leader in the community with regard to caring for our greenery. You could use this model for teaching tree care to the neighborhood business owners and residents (good grant opportunity!) My two cents….

    • Katherine says:

      Thanks Christina!

      That’s a great idea and one that I never would have thought of! I will look into this. As a side note, a reader sent me a personal email explaining that the correct word is wheelBARROW, NOT wheelBARREL-the likes of which I was displaying in my video. I stand corrected!

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